About Us



Valiant Restoration Services started from a love of Valiant motor vehicles from my first Valiant being an AP6 model back in 1971.

Over the years I have owned virtually every model Valiant made and understand the intricacies of these cars and have held onto the VG Hardtop "Stirling Special" since purchasing it when it was two years old off of the original owner.

We do not wreck vehicles any longer however, have a large stock of good used and New Old Stock parts available from many years of collecting spare parts specifically for Chryslers and Valiants from R Series through to the last CM.

Additionally, we have a range of new reproduction items such as rubber seals, badges, decals and even die caste models from 1/43 to 1/18 scale.

If you are after personalised service and parts which no-one else stocks then email me with your requirements.


Hope to hear from you

Nigel S Eate