We are Chrysler enthusiasts too and provide these Factory codes for such enthusiasts who want to take a closer look at their prized possession.

All care has been made in collating these charts however, if you are aware of any anomalies in these codes please let us know so we can clarify/investigate.


I. D. Codes

The following should help you de-code the alpha numeric codes on your vehicles compliance plate.

Codes are broken up into various categories




Information below can be found on the vehicles compliance plate in the engine bay on the cowl and stamped on the inner right hand fender skirt.

Car Line Series Engine Price Class Body Type Date Code Body Number

C - Chrysler

V - Valiant







1 - 6 cyl Manual

2 - 6 cyl Auto

3 - 6 cyl Manual

4 - 6 cyl Auto

6 - 8 cyl Auto

7 - 6 cyl Manual

8 - 6 cyl Auto

M - Medium

D - Deluxe

S - Special

H - High

P - Premium

E - Economy

L - Low

22 - Utility

23 - Two Door Hardtop

29 - Coupe

41 - Sedan

45 - Wagon



For example if your I D Code was VH2-M-29 the breakdown would be,

V = Valiant

H = H Series

2 = 6 Cylinder Automatic

M = Medium price class

29 = Coupe body style


ENGINE NUMER - Six Cylinder


Chrysler Capacity Performance Transmission Year Built

D1 - 215

D2 - 245

D3 - 265

2 - Standard 1 BBL Carb

3 - Standard 2 BBL Carb

4 - Hi-Performance 2 BBL Carb

5 - Special Performance 6 Pack Street

6 - Special Performance 6 Pack Competition

1 - Automatic

3 - 3 Speed Manual

4 - 4 Speed Manaual


B - 1971

C - 1972

D - 1973

E - 1974



ENGINE NUMER - Eight Cylinder


Chrysler Capacity Performance Transmission Year Built

A2 - 318

A3 - 340

A4 - 360

2 - Standard 2 BBL Carb

3 - Hi-Performance 4 BBL Carb (340)

3 - Emission Control (318)

1 - Automatic

2 - Manual

B - 1971

C - 1972

D - 1973

E - 1974


The following codes are generally shown on the Option segment of your vehicles compliance plate however, many are included as part of a premium class vehicle's standard issue and will not be listed as an option on your compliance plate.



CODE Description
A16 GLX Pack
A20 Dealer Parts and Service Package
A21 Service Loaner Package
A22 Charger Special
A23 Charger Sportsman Package
A27 Taxi Instrument Package
A28 Taxi Package with 55AMP Alternator, H/Duty Brakes, REmote Deck Release
A29 Valiant Low Line Sedan
A38 Regal Pack - Station Wagon
A41 Over Rider Package
A45 Tow Package
A46 Tow Package - H/Duty
A48 Interior Package
A51 Ornamentation Package
A53 Sports Package
A54 Sports Package
A60 Sports Stripe
A65 Hood Dress Up Package
A66 Hood Fender Dress Up Package
A70 770 Package
A74 Protection Package
A77 "Town & Country" Package
A78 "Mexicana" Roof Extension - VG H/Top ONLY
A80 Drifter
A83 VG "Stirling Special" fitted with Buffalo Grain Bucket seats
A84 Track Pack - Large Tank, 16:1 Steer, 14x7 wheels, H/Duty Discs and Hubs
A85 Dress Up Package, Bucket Seats,Rope Rails etc.
A87 Track Pack
A88 Pacer Sports Package
A92 Conveniance lighting package
A93 Sports Stripe
A95 Interior Dress Up Package, Reclining Buckets, Carpet, 3-Spoke Wheel
A96 Decor Interior Dress Up Packege
A97 Conveniance Package
B11 H/Duty Drum Brakes
B12 H/Duty Brakes - Gov't and Police
B41 Disc Brakes
B51 Power Brake Booster - Discs Only
C10 Retractor Seat Belts
C12 Rubber Floor Mats - Gov't Only
C16 Auto Consol Shifter
C25 Center Cushion Arm rest
C27 Alternative colour (GREY) Centre Seat Belts
C31 Centre cushion Arm rest - Cloth/Vinyl
C51 50/50 Reclining cloth
C52 50/50 Reclining Vinyl
C53 Bucket Seats with Centre Cushion And Arm rest
C54 Bucket Seats Tilt and Reclining
C55 Non- reclining bucket seats
C56 Full Bench Seat
C57 3 Piece Seating with centre arm rest
C63 Reclining vinyl bucket seats
C66 Bench Seating
C67 Recling Cloth and Vinyl Bucket Seats
C70 Reclining Bucket Seats Leather
C93 Carpet Set except cargo area s/wagon
D10 3 Speed Column Shift Manual
D12 3 Speed Floor Shift Manual
D20 4 Speed Floor Shift Manual
D32 Auto Column Shift
D35 Auto trans 265 Engine (Police)
D38 Auto Trans 245 Engine (Police)
D52 2.92:1 Sure Grip Rear Axle
D53 Sure Grip Rear Axle 3.23:1 (6 cyl except 6 Pack)
D56 Rear Axle 3.50:1 Ratio with Sure Grip
D63 3.23:1 Sure Grip Heavy Duty Rear Axle
D66 3.50:1 Sure Grip Rear Axle
D68 Sure Grip Axle 3.70:1 (215 Only)
D69 Axle 3.70:1 (215 Only)
D72 Axle 3.23:1 (6 cyl except 6 Pack)
D74 Sure Grip Axle 3.27:1 H.D.(6 Pack Only)
D75 Rear Axle  and Suspension Pack
E20 225 Six cyl (Export Only)
E26 215 Low Compresion
E27 4.0 Litre 6 cyl (LOow Compresion)
E28 245 6 Cyl
E29 LPG Engine (N.Z. Only)
E31 2bbl Track Pack for Pacer
E33 265 6 cyl
E34 4bbl Track Pack for Pacer
E35 4bbl Street Pack for PACER

Six  Pack Engine (248HP) Special Rods, Pistons, Crank, Brgs,

2 Plate Clutch, 3 Speed

E38 Six Pack Competition Engine (280HP) as for E-37 Plus Special Camshaft
E44 318 V8
E48 265 Six cyl Sic Pack (248BHP)
E49 Six Pack Engine (302BHP)
E55 340 V8
E57 360 V8
F21 Battery Dry (Export Only)
F22 Heavy Duty Battery
F27 Dual Horns - Police Only
F40 Delete Radio
F44 Police Wireing Package
F47 Delete Coutesy Door Switches
F49 Heavy Duty 55 Amp Alternator
F56 Anti-Freeze - (Export Only)
G15 Laminated Windshield - Tinted Graduated
G18 Laminated Windscreen - Clear
G22 Plain Windshield
G25 Vent Windows
G26 Manual Tailgate Window
G27 Side Window (Panel Van)
G33 Remote Rear Veiw Mirror
H31 Heated Rear Window
H51 Air Conditioning - Includes all tinted glass
H56 Maximum Coling Package
J12 Extra Key
J37 Partition Panel - Panel Van
J38 Towbar Package - Gov't Only
J42 35 Gollon Tank for PACER
J43 Manual Choke
J44 Special Instrument Panel - Police Only
J46 Locking  Petrol Cap
J65 Charger Sports Pack Instrument Panel - Police Only
K10 Charger Special - Police Only
K11 Victorian Police Package
K14 S. A. Police Package - Sedan Only
K15 S. A> Police Package - Wagon Only
K16 Police Charger (5.2 Litre Engine)
K18 S. A. Police Package 6 cyl
L73 Fuel Pacer
N86 Electronic Ignition
P25 Power Operated Drivers Seat
P31 Power Windows
R24 Search TuneRadio/Tape Player includes power antenna
R25 Radio/Stereo Cassette Player
R26 Radio/Stereo Cassette Player - Later Type
R48 Power Antenna
R55 Tape Player 4 Speaker System - SE regal
R71 13 Transistor P/Button Radio
R73 11 Transistor P/Button Radio
R82 Radio
S14 Heavy Duty Suspension
S18 Air Ride Shock Absorbers
S19 Heavt Duty Rear Springs
S35 Heavy Duty Suspension - Police Only
S37 Rear Anti-Sway Bar
S38 Front Sway Bar
S77 Power Steering
T14 185 SR BSW Tyres
T15 E70 HR BSW Tyres
T17 6.95 x 14 x 4 WSW Tyres
T18 7.35 x 14 x 4 WSW Tyres
T24 7.35 x 14 x 4 BSW Tyres
T25 6.95 x 14 x 4 BSW Tyres
T26 F78 x 14 x 4 WSW Tyres
T27 F78 x 14 x 4 BSW Tyres
T28 F78 x 14 x 6 BSW Tyres
T29 Uniroyal 185 SR 14 ML (6ply) Tyres
T30 Uniroyal Tyres With Tubes
T31 195 SR 14 x 6 Ply Uniroyal Tyres
T32 Uniroyal 185 SR 14 HL (8Ply) Tyres
T35 FR78 S14 x 6 Ply Steel Belt Radials
T37 ER70 H14 Uniroyal Wild Cat Tyres
U10 Olympic Tyres - Gov't Only
U11 Dunlop Tyres - Gov't Only
U12 Uniroyal Tyres - Gov't Only
U13 Goodrich Tyres - Gov'y Only
U14 Goodyear Tyres - Gov't Only
V10 Vinyl Roof
V12 Landau Vinyl Roof
V20 Metallic Paint
V99 Tonnue Cover
W01 Road Wheels Painted Body Colour
W11 Wheel Covers
W13 Wheel Covers
W23 Styled Wheels

Wheel And Tyres Package includes,

 14"x5.50 Standard type wheels, Trim rings

W32 Styled Road Wheel Package
W35 Alloy Wheels
W36 Styled Wheels
X12 Delete Heater (Export Only)
X17 Built up Export hand books and compliance plates
X21 Kilometer speedo - Export Only
X22 Imperial Speedo - Export Only
X33 Japan built up export
X34 New Caledonia built up export
X35 UK Built up export
X41 Delete Disc Brakes - Fiji Only
X51 Air Conditioning with E20 Option
X52 Cooling Package
X54 Engine for CKD NEW ZEALAN
X77 Power Steering with E20 Option
X82 Tyres WSW 6.95 x 14 (Export Only)
X83 Tyres WSW 7.35 x 14 (Export Only)
X86 Tinted windsheild - Export Only
X87 Prismatic Mirror - Export Only
X88 Trunk Lamp - Export Only
X89 Remote Control Mirror - Export Only
X90 Delete Left Hand External Mirror - (Built up Export)
X91 Omit Front Seat Belts - export Only
X92 Omit Rear Seat Belts  - Export Only
X93 Add Left Hand External Mirror - Built up export)
X95 Wheel Trim Ring - Export Only
Y18 Driving Lamps
Y19 Sunvisor - Painted Blade
Y23 Towbar trailer wiring - chrome tongue
Y26 Sunvisor - Mesh
Y27 Dor Weather Sheild
Y29 Insect Screen
Y30 Tow Bar Painted tongue with Utilux 6 pin wiring
Y31 Fire Extinguisher
Y32 Mud Flaps Front
Y34 Mud Flaps Rear
Y36 Windsheild protector
Y37 Additional Spare Wheel With Tyre And Tube
Y38 Winter Tread Tyres - Rear Only
Y40 Fuel Tank Protector
Y43 Tubes i nAll Tyres
Y45 Fog Lamps
Y47 Sump Guard Engine and transmission
Y48 Sump Guard - Transmission only
Y49 LH External Rear Veiw Mirror
Y57 Floor Mats - Set of 4
Y58 Floor mats - Set of 2
Y60 Fire Extinguisher
Y61 Driving Lamps - Gov't Only
Z12 Delete Radio - NZ Export
Z96 Retractable Seat Belts - Delete Option
Z97 Electric Tailgate - Delete Option
Z98 Steering Wheel 3-Spoke - Delete Option
Z99 Radio